2016 – News:

A rare treat...

After a 35-year break from her music career Bonnie Dobson found herself suddenly being approached from many sources to perform and record again, not least by the label Hornbeam.

So Bonnie wrote some terrific new songs, dusted off a few old favourites and in 2014 released a brand new album to huge acclaim. This was followed by numerous gigs, magazine/radio interviews and at least one major tv appearance, which thrust her firmly back into Folk’s consciousness, when secretly all she wanted to do was make jam (oh but really fabulous jam!) Meanwhile her old albums were digitized and re-released, and many of them can now be found sounding better than ever before – rather like Bonnie really. If you catch her performing now you’re in for a treat but if you want her fresh homemade jam, you’ll have to ask her nicely after a show!
















Recently Bonnie shared a stage with Jim Kweskin – a mere 50 years since their last gig together!
– check that original show HERE!